Floor Panels - Directory

Puhos Board (UK) Ltd
4 Kinsbourne Court Luton Road
Harpenden AL5 3BL
Phone: 01582 461717

Puhos is market leader in weather protected flooring systems for housebuilders and sole UK supply partner for iLevel Trus Joist engineered wood products.

Weather Dek2, in house sets, has customised fixing accessories as does new Dek Shield with permanent waterproof surface and high slip resistance for

external or interior use.

Advanced Panel Systems (UK) Limited
Polhilsa Stoke Climsland
Callington PL17 8PP
Fax: 01579 370920

The range of products from Advanced Panel Systems™, off-site Timber Frame manufacturers, contribute an innovative approach to house-building, which considerably improves speed, cost and efficiency of construction, whilst delivering consistently high quality homes with a low environmental impact. We have now completed a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 Live Project.