Metsä talks wood construction in video venture

21 April 2016

Finland’s Metsä Wood has launched a series of videos intended to raise awareness of modern timber construction processes, and make the case for its sustainability credentials.

Wood is the ideal way to both battle climate change and house a growing urban population, the company argues. However, there is still a wide-spread lack of awareness of the possibilities of engineered wood, specifically laminated veneer lumber.

To tackle this ‘knowledge gap’, the company has joined forces with leading professionals who share its passion for wood construction in the video series called, appropriately, Talking Wood.

Each of the videos features a wood expert talking about a subject close to the speaker’s heart. Talking Wood is a continuing series – and the company says like-minded professionals are “more than welcome to share their insights, knowledge and stories”.

The first set of videos is now ready:

• Executing demanding structures: Architect Henk Moen, owner of Moen & Van Oosten Architecten, talks about executing demanding structures – while employing the natural charm of wood. His stated design approach is “I build spatially well-designed buildings – climate machines that remain close to nature while utilizing the full range of today’s technical possibilities.”

• Sledgehammer-proof high security doors: The managing director of the Rocal Group, Stephen Nadin, talks about how engineered wood is the natural choice for high security doors. If you’re curious about what happens when a door made out of Kerto LVL is hit with a sledgehammer, this is one to watch, Metsä says.

• Engineered wood improves natural strength: Structural designer and lecturer at Delft University, Vincent Raadschelders, speaks about how the natural strength of timber is used in engineered wood that offers surprising material possibilities and an innate strength enabling large spans and prefabricated modules.

• Flexibility and strength of Kerto LVL meets diverse challenges: Head of the technical department at Finnholz, Andreas Rutschmann, talks about the flexibility of Kerto LVL – how it can be easily cut and yet still retain its high strength.

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