Nexus CIFS signs up as first sponsor of CTI’s first conference

4 March 2016

The Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) has announced its prime sponsorship partner for its inaugural conference coming in May this year.

Credit insurance and underwriting agency, Nexus CIFS, has signed up to become the first sponsor for the industry event.

At the conference, the CTI will be presenting its reports on growing the use of sustainable timber and addressing skills shortages in the timber supply chain. The organisation will also host a debate about its policy recommendations with around 200 decision makers and opinion formers from the industry and Westminster.

The partnership with Nexus CIFS will support the launch of new credit tools as well as a range of initiatives aimed at extending the reach and operational attractions of credit insurance, the CTI said.

In particular Nexus CIFS will be promoting ‘First Select’, a marketing tool created to help clients identify credit checked sales leads easily.

Dirk Vennix, CTI Chief Executive said: “This strategic partnership represents a major step forward for the Confederation,” said Dirk Vennis, the CTI’s chief executive. “Thanks to Nexus CIFS support, we will raise the profile of the UK Timber Industry promoting the use of timber through inaugural conference and its post-event report.

“I hope Nexus’s example will be followed by many other sponsors since the CTI is a self-funding umbrella organisation. If you would also like to promote your company’s brand and products at the conference or fund the CTI in some other way please get in touch.”

Richard Marriage Nexus CIFS’ managing director, added: “Having been a supporter of the timber industry for some years, Nexus CIFS is delighted to be the first sponsor of this major event organised by the Confederation.”