SmartPly to show off its new VapAirTight solution for ultra-low energy buildings at Ecobuild

15 February 2016

SmartPlay will be showing off its new VapAirTight structural OSB panel system for ultra-low energy buildings at this year’s Ecobuild.

The new product, claimed to provide “outstanding” airtightness, is the result of three years of rigorous development and extensive testing at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, the company said.

Each panel features alternating layers of wood strands coated with a high quality formaldehyde-free resin system and wax to deliver such levels of airtightness. A specialist coating is then applied to provide vapour control properties to ensure a premium performance OSB solution for super-insulated and passive buildings.

The panel uses a newly developed high performance coating to ensure consistently high vapour resistance across its entire surface. The smooth and durable surface has also been developed to provide superior bonding of airtight tape at panel joints.

Where air and vapour control layer (AVCL) membranes are notoriously difficult to seal, SmartPly VapAirTight is said to offer excellent seal adherence to prevent air leaks, condensation and resulting structural damage.

Manufactured from FSC-certified timber to the specification detailed in BS EN 300:2006, the rigid OSB3 panel is a sustainable, robust and cost-effective alternative to specialist AVCL membranes. With minimal risk of damage during assembly, transport and installation, airtightness should not be compromised thereby ensuring the panel performs as well on the construction site as in factory controlled conditions.