Saint-Gobain’s Peter Hindle MBE to serve as Confederation of Timber Industries’ first chairman

8 September 2015

Newly launched trade association, the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI), has appointed Peter Hindle MBE as its first chairman.

The CTI was formed to bring all aspects of the timber industry’s supply chain together for the first time, from forestry, sawmilling and timber distribution, through to paper and furniture manufacturing, pallets and pellet production, to construction and architectural use.

Such a pan-industry approach will enable all those involved in the industry to come together to tackle common issues in a collaborative approach, which will be “fundamental” for the industry’s future, the newborn trade association said. It was launched in June 2015.

Hindle is senior vice-president for sustainable habitat for Saint-Gobain, general delegate of Saint-Gobain UK, Ireland and South Africa, as well as chairman of the Builders Merchant Federation, and vice chairman of the Construction Products Association.

He will remain in these roles while he additionally serves as CTI chairman for the next 12 months.

“I am delighted to take on the challenging role of CTI chairman,” Hindle said. “After 45 years in the builders’ merchants industry, this is an exciting and influential position. I am looking forward to working with the CTI and helping to grow the confederation within the industry. The forecast and optimism within the timber supply chain looks set to improve over the coming year and this can only bring a positive impact to the CTI.”

One of his key roles will be to support the early formation of the CTI’s board with up to sic business executives from all parts of the timber supply chain, as well as establishing new governance and developing the organisation’s strategy for tackling the industry’s most pressing issues. These include sustainability, skills and education, and the economic contribution of the industry.

“We are extremely pleased that Peter Hindle has accepted the new position,” said the CTI’s chief executive, Dirk Vennix. “Given his vast experience and expertise as a sector leader he has the vision and major attributes to play a critical role in shaping the strategic direction and outcomes of the new Confederation. He will help the CTI make a real difference to the growth of the UK’s timber supply chain and we look forward to developing a productive relationship.”