Oslo’s Passive House first is an education in Accoya

6 July 2015

A modified wood manufactured by Accyss Technologies has been used to clad Oslo’s first school built to the Passive House standard.

Bjørnsletta Primary School made use of Accoya for its aesthetic and its eco-friendly properties. The school is built to demonstrate high levels of energy efficiency and is constructed using environmentally sustainable building materials.

Designed by L2 Architects AS, Bjørnsletta is just one of several projects that are a part of the FutureBuilt initiative in Norway – a ten-year programme (2010-2020) to develop high-quality architecture with the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions.

While the main school building has been clad using stone, the three individual classroom wings have been clad with Accoya, which was chosen by the architects to support their vision of the school as an environmentally friendly and highly durable property.

Accoya wood was also used to design and construct three other building projects across Norway: Brattås Elementary School in Nøtterøy, Big Horn Restaurant in Sandnes and Havnegården in Arendal.

Again, Accoya was selected as cladding in all three building projects because it met the architects’ requirements for eco-friendly and sustainable buildings in the country, stability and durability requirements.

The modified wood is said to offer unrivalled environmental advantages which far outweigh the use of alternative products such as scarce and unsustainable hardwoods.
Bryan Crennell, director of sales and marketing at Accsys Technologies said: “The property at Bjørnsletta Primary School is a striking and contemporary building, and it made complete sense that Accoya was chosen for this project by the architects. Using Accoya has satisfied the owner’s requirement for a carbon neutral property as a part of the FutureBuild scheme.

“Accoya is consistently specified for construction projects throughout Norway, and these examples of primary schools in Brattås and Nøtterøy really show why Accoya outshines its competitors.”