Holiday retreat joins the Accoya club

19 May 2015

A private holiday retreat in the North of England has been decked out in Accoya wood to provide an attractive finish tough enough to deal with the varied local climate.

NBDA Architects Ltd and Leisure Concepts interior designers were commissioned to design a new private owners’ facility at a popular holiday park in the north of England.

The team, including Andrew Bruce, project architect, and association director and designer Eric Viljoen, wanted to create a building which had the look and feel of a lodge. To achieve this look they designed the building to incorporate wooden cladding in its construction, surrounded by a decked area complemented by grey stone walls.

It was essential to the team that the wood used for the cladding was durable and would require little maintenance, while providing a quality and natural looking finish. Bruce and Viljoen strived to find a wood product which would be able to cope with the varied climate of north England, which is known to have high rainfall, as well as withstanding the harsh marine environment of the retreat’s location.

NBDA Architects and Leisure Concepts turned to timber suppliers James Latham for the solution, which recommended Accoya for the project. Over 170m2 of the modified wood material was used to clad the exterior of the property. The cladding combined with stone walls provided the ‘lodge’ feel specified within the brief.

Eric Viljoen, association director, Leisure Concepts said; “It was important to get the right look and feel for the lodge. We wanted to create an exceptional space for holiday owners to relax in, so we needed a high quality wood product which would be aesthetically pleasing but also hardwearing at the same time. We certainly found this in Accoya.

“I had never used or worked with Accoya before, but it was a great suggestion from James Lathams – their technical specialists really have an in-depth understanding of this product and its numerous applications. The Accoya cladding looks fantastic, especially against the grey stone and together the two materials create a natural looking environment.”