Accoya keeps the cool on the French Riviera

27 April 2015

Accoya modified wood is putting people in the shade in the French Riviera, where it was used to create the solar shading and louvres at a luxury condo complex in Saint Tropez.

The area, famed for its spectacular summer climate, is a regular haunt of the world’s rich and famous. The temperature can reach mid 30oC in August and for those looking to build in the region, construction products need to be strong enough to handle the intense sunlight and heat that the south of France is known for.

Accoya was chosen due to its dimensional stability. The acetylation process involved in the manufacture of the modified wood means that shrinkage and swelling is greatly reduced, by at least 75%, compared to other wood products.

This is said to ensure that the material won’t distort like other wood products when faced with heat or sunlight. In addition, its UV resistance means it won’t bleach in the sun as fast as other materials might do. This is of the utmost importance given the building’s location in one of the most striking towns in the region.

“As a naturally beautiful product, Accoya blends extremely well with the condo’s surrounding environment. One of the world most durable and stable woods around, Accoya is virtually rot proof and is guaranteed for 50 years above ground. This will ensure that the louvres and solar shading will require very little maintenance over the coming years,” said Bryan Crennell, sales and marketing director at Accsys Technologies, the company that manufactures the material.