Dutch school given an Accoya makeover

5 March 2015

A run-down school in Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands, has been given a new lease of life with the use of Accoya during extensive modernisation work.

The modified wood product, manufactured by Accsys Technologies, was used to give the Ponoma School a facelift, but also to provide an eye-catching contract wiht the materials used in the construction of new facilities to expand its capacity.

Since its original construction, the school had come to show the wear and tear of its age, and it was no longer suitable due to overcrowding. To meet increased student demands, the school required an additional five classrooms to be constructed as well as extensive modernisation of existing areas.

Local architects grassodenridder_architecten were appointed in November 2013 to design the expansion and refurbishment.

Stefan Grasso who, together with Ferry den Ridder, wanted to use a product with a natural appearance for the external facades. It was also considered important that the material should contrast with the dark grey brickwork of the expansion and complement the concrete blocks and façade of the existing building. The architects were keen to ensure that the materials used would be easily maintained, providing longevity as well as being environmentally friendly.

The architects deemed Accoya wood fitted all these needs and as a result was specified for the project.

“Seeing the condition of the school before work began, drove us to find a product which would provide longevity, we didn’t want the building’s exterior to deteriorate as it aged – we wanted school children in the future to enjoy the building as much as children of today will. Accoya’s 50 year guarantee ensures this is the case,” said Grasso.

“We used over 150m2 of Accoya for the façade. It was used without any treatments, oils or paints, so it is a beautiful silver shade of grey which perfectly complements the concrete blocks that were used to build the existing school building.

“During the application process we found Accoya to be extremely stable and we are delighted with the end results.”

Bryan Crennell, director of sales and marketing at Accsys Technologies, added: “Accoya is proven as a sustainable, durable, and stable material, which is guaranteed against rot and decay for 50 years for exterior use above ground and 25 years in ground - making it perfect for a demanding outdoor application such as this. Accoya can also respond to the needs of end-users, with aesthetic beauty and a natural appearance that adds the desired finishing touch to projects. By selecting Accoya for Pomona School the architects have invested in the building’s future for many years to come.”