BeA offers new semi-auto stapler for timber frame makers

11 November 2014

A manufacturer has launched a new semi-automatic stapler developed specifically for the timber frame and off-site construction industries.

BeA said the new addition to its range offers performance close to full automation but without the same degree of capital expenditure. The company claims that by significantly increasing the speed and accuracy of fix, it enables users to improve production efficiency and to enjoy savings in time and money.

“The new BeA semi-automatic stapler can deliver major benefits to any company involved in timber frame and off-site construction,” said Paul Shepherd, BeA’s national sales manager. “It has been designed around the needs of customers operating in these areas and as such offers a number of particular pertinent capabilities.”

These capabilities include the ability to fire five staples per second, which the company said will help to increase production speeds and throughput. It also offers reliable fixing centres, precisely and to the millimetre, enabling users to reduce wastage and the associated cost, the company said.

The semi-automatic stapler also has an auto lock-out magazine which prevents the tool firing when empty. This helps to ensure greater tool longevity as well as a reduction in downtime. It is fully adjustable and can accommodate fixing distances from 33mm up to 200mm.