Geoff Arnold quizzed on timber fire risk

16 March 2010

Geoff Arnold, chairman of the UK Timber Frame Association, is being quizzed this morning as part of a London Assembly hearing on the fire dangers facing those who livein tower blocks across London.

Fire safety regulations are being looked into by the London Assembly to see if inspections are keeping pace with changes in design and construction techniques.

The Assembly wants to establish the risks associated with timber-framed and tall buildings during construction, occupation and subsequent modification.

Its Planning & Housing committee wants to see how fire safety rules might be tightened, with 16 of the 19 boroughs in the UK with more than two per cent of the population living on the fifth floor or higher being in London.

The Assembly’s planning committee will question Arnold, Fire Brigade Commissioner Ron Dobson, Royal Institute of British Architects’ Sam Webb, Local Authority Building Control chief Paul Everall and Construction Industry Council’s policy executive Ciaran Molloy.