Timber Homes: Thinking big with wood

As the world’s oldest construction material timber had somewhat fallen out of fashion but in recent years it has staged a spectacular come back with an increasing number of developers trying it on for size. So is it going to be the next big thing or it is just a fad? By Michelle Gordon

Timber systems arrive on site in UK’s first eco-town

14 November 2014

The first timber systems that will be used to build homes in the UK’s only eco town development to have made it from the drawing board arrived on site in North West (NW) Bicester this week.

Come on down to timber town

Timber is an essential element in the construction of a pioneering zero carbon development in Oxfordshire that intends to prove the eco town is far from dead

Stewart Milne wins £1m eco town work

12 May 2014

Stewart Milne Timber Systems has won a £1m contract to supply its Sigma II timber frames for the 393 homes that will make up the exemplar phase of the UK’s first eco town.

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