Councils and businesses urged to back industry’s ‘Timber You Can Trust’ campaign

7 June 2017

Councils, businesses and professionals workings with the timber industry are being called upon to support a campaign to highlight the need to source timber responsibly.

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is asking for people to sign up to its ‘Timber You Can Trust’ campaign.

As councils across the UK commit to build new homes in increasing numbers, the need for sustainably sourced construction materials has also grown.

TTF says it wants to partner with local authorities to ensure that high standards of responsible sourcing are maintained in local government and in procurement policies across the private sector.

Launching the campaign, David Hopkins, TTF’s managing director, said: “I’m excited to be working with local government to increase awareness about the importance of responsible timber sourcing, the good management of forests, and the sustainability of the whole timber supply chain.

“Timber is the world’s leading renewable, low carbon construction material. Responsible procurement is at the heart of a low-carbon future.

“We’ve just seen hundreds of new councillors elected across the country, a lot of whom have come with ambitions of encouraging new sustainable housing developments across their communities. With a General Election just around the corner, there will soon be fresh impetus from a new intake of national policymakers to do the same, and we will be seeking to work with MPs across the UK as well.

“We’re now asking all those who share TTF’s commitment to high standards and who value the benefits of timber to sign up to our Timber Procurement Pledge and buy only ‘Timber You can Trust’.”

All TTF members are required to commit to the TTF’s Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) – an audited due diligence system to ensure that only legal and sustainably sourced timber enters the UK market. As a result of these strict rules, the UK has one of the best environmental records on timber procurement across the world.

The TTF has invited stakeholders to lend their support to the ‘Timber you can Trust’ campaign by taking the TTF pledge and completing a free timber-procurement CPD course.

“Our members are active employers, providing low-carbon materials and skilled jobs in virtually every local authority in the UK. That means all councils can get in touch with a local business to receive free procurement training from them,” Hopkins added.