Glastonbury showcase for SMARTPLY OSB in construction of giant Greenpeace tree

6 June 2017

A giant tree that will be built for environmental campaigning organisation Greenpeace at this year’s Glastonbury Festival will showcase the use of SMARTPLY OSB.

At 20m tall, the giant structure will certainly stand out; all the more so at night, when it will come alive with a colour changing light show and a DJ booth that will allow festival-goers to party in to the night.

The Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury festival has long been popular among visitors thanks to Greenpeace’s free hot showers and veggie food available at its cafe.

A key message for the organisation this year is #StandForForests, hence the artificial tree, as it sets out to emphasise the important role forests play in maintaining the health of our planet.

The choice of MEDITE SMARTPLY OSB to build the tree structure was a result of its carbon positive nature as a building material, as well as the rigorous sustainability agenda and clean supply chain of the manufacturer. The material is made using renewable wood from well managed Irish forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

“Our close and longstanding collaboration with SMARTPLY originates from Greenpeace’s involvement in the setting up of the Forest Stewardship Council back in the nineties,” said Greenpeace’s Katy Duffy. “It is through this that we recommended the use of SMARTPLY in preference to the unsustainable products sometimes being used throughout the building industry, which included wood from Brazilian rainforests used on hoardings. Over the years we have also helped to convince the events industry that SMARTPLY has numerous uses and as a result we now see it used in festivals and events throughout the UK.”

Along with the giant tree, Greenpeace will also be building a range of other visually exciting features for their field using SMARTPLY OSB: from the interior of the Greenpeace bar and hoardings to block off non-public areas to decorative giant animal sculptures, a Jungle café and a forest grotto teaching visitors about the majesty of the world’s forests.

“Greenpeace are radical thinkers with regards to the environment and climate change,” said Stuart Devoil, head of marketing and brand at MEDITE SMARPLY, “and so it’s with great pride that we’ve been selected as the material of choice for their tree structure at Glastonbury. It’s a real testament to our commitment to sustainability and the environment that an organisation like Greenpeace would choose our timber panels. We look forward to seeing how the finished tree looks at Glastonbury and hope festival-goers enjoy visiting the Greenpeace field and learning about the importance of legally sourced timber and the effect it has on our planet.”

The Greenpeace Tree will be at Glastonbury Festival from 21-25 June 2017. The Greenpeace Field will also feature a Skate ramp, climbing wall, Power Ballad Yoga and a Virtual Reality Dome allowing visitors to be immersed within the Amazon Rainforest.