Stora Enso to supply CLT to one of the largest Nordic residential timber structures so far

19 May 2017

Stora Enso has been commissioned to supply cross-laminated timber (CLT) products to one of the largest wood construction projects in the Nordic countries.

The company is supplying the material to a residential project in Växjö municipality in southern Sweden. A total of 6,300 m3 of CLT will be delivered to the Trummens Strand project.

The project includes, among other things, 150 exclusive apartments and a pre-school, which will be erected by construction contractor GBJ Bygg.

The tallest residential buildings will be eight storeys high. The Norwegian company Woodcon will coordinate the delivery and design through its Swedish affiliate Woodconstruction Sweden.

Work at Trummens Strand has recently begun and the site is planned to be ready at the turn of 2018/2019.

"We are extremely pleased that we have been selected as the element provider for this extensive and exclusive housing project,” said Mikael Lindberg, head of sales for Scandinavia at Stora Enso’s Wood Products division. “It is clear that there is an increased focus on sustainable construction in Sweden, which increases the interest in wood as building material. Wood is the only fully renewable building material, so from an environmental standpoint there is no better alternative.”

Staffan Dahlström, chief executive of GBJ Bygg, added: "With today's climate challenges, it is important for us to focus on building in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. Building in wood feels right because it has so many positive climate impacts.”

Architect Stefan Johansson of FOJAB Architects, said: "The most important thing for me as an architect is to feel that this is a wooden structure. One should feel that it is wood and smell of wood, and when you lean against a massive wooden wall you can feel the quality.”

Anna Tenje, chair of the municipal council in Växjö, said: "Trummens Strand is one of several exciting wooden house projects in Växjö municipality. In Växjö, we have developed a specific wood construction strategy to stimulate the increased use of wood. The goal is that by 2020, at least 50% of new municipal construction will be wood based. We are on track and the outcome for 2016 already ended up with a delighting 67%."