2015 was a record year for UK imports of certified sustainable timber, says trade federation report

28 April 2017

The latest summary report from the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) shows that the UK’s imported a record high of certified sustainable timber materials in 2015.

The report – Responsible Sourcing of Timber in the UK – is a summary analysis of all timber imported to the UK by TTF members during 2015, accounting for roughly 85% of the total UK market.

According to report, year-on-year growth in certified products reached an “unprecedented” level of 90.2% of total volumes that year.

Of the remaining 10%, the TTF said its members are conducting strict supply chain, species and country risk assessments as part of their due diligence process, using the TTF Responsible Purchasing Policy tools.

As a result, it said, the uncertified percentage “remains accounted for with risk being adequately managed and mitigated”.

“I am delighted to see the continued commitment from TTF membership in delivering on our promises and commitment to responsible sourcing, sustainability and good forest management,” said David Hopkins, the TTF’s managing director.

“This report shows year on year improvements across our membership and demonstrates our leadership in this area. It proves that if the market is looking for sustainable, fit-for-purpose products then they should simply buy from a TTF member.”