Champion Timber uses Earth Day to promote awareness of sustainable wood

20 April 2017

Ahead of Earth Day 2017 this weekend, Champion Timber is calling on people to be more environmentally aware by ensuring the wood they buy comes only from sustainable sources.

This year the Earth Day campaign is focused on education and inspiring action to help protect the environment. According to the Forestry Commission, forest loss is the world’s second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute significantly to climate change, so sustainably managed forests for harvesting wood are imperative to protecting the environment and preventing illegal logging and deforestation.

Chris Bergin, branch manager at Champion Timber Guildford, said: “Trees are hugely beneficial to the environment; they store carbon dioxide, and other harmful greenhouse gases, binding them away even when the tree is sawn for wood. They also produce the oxygen we breath so correctly harvesting them for wood is essential to ensuring the environment remains protected. Younger trees absorb more CO2 than mature trees, so by cutting down the mature trees and planting saplings in their place will take more of the harmful gas out of the air – well managed sustainable forests generally see three trees planted for every one that is cut down.

“Champion Timber is asking people to consider where the wood they buy comes from and is encouraging them to check it has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications (PEFC).

“Both these organisations guarantee products come from well-managed and sustainable forests, which help to protect the natural environment, wildlife and plant species, as well as ensuring trees will be available to turn into raw materials for many years to come.”