Kebony Clear makes the grade with official sign of approval as a window material

24 January 2017

Kebony Clear has been officially approved as a window wood by the German Association of Windows & Facades (VFF).

The material has been recommended by architects and used for years in window installations worldwide. Last year the wood was officially recognised as a suitable product for the window industry. Now, following additional research and a series of tests by the German Institute for Window Technology, ift Rosenheim, Kebony Clear made from Pinus Radiata has also received this recognition as a suitable product for the industry.

The patented Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly process, which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with furfuryl alcohol – an agricultural by-product. Once modified, the Radiata timber has an average bulk density of 0.63g/cm³, with an equilibrium moisture content of only 4.7 % at standard climate.

The process of heating sustainably sourced softwoods with furfuryl alcohol polymerises the wood’s cell walls, providing the modified Kebony Radiata with a high level of dimensional stability, with maximum swelling and shrinkage reduced to values of 2 %, a value that is comparable to tropical hardwoods.

One of the greatest advantages of using Kebony Radiata as a window wood is its 30 year warranty against rot. When succumbed to testing and 12 months of outdoor weathering, Kebony showed no signs of damage to the outside coating, according to ISO 4628 (the standard evaluation of degradation of coatings). Additionally, this wood responds especially well to paint and varnish, thus confirming Kebony works as the perfect material to be use in window frames.

Per Brynildsen, chief technology officer at Kebony, said: “To be given this approval is a fantastic achievement, especially as the requirements in Germany are very high and we are extremely proud that Kebony is able to meet them. This is the result of numerous laboratory and practice tests, as well as Kebony’s continued focus on delivering a top-quality product.

“The testing has been incredibly thorough; the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, the University of Göttingen, SHR Holzforschung in Wageningen, SP in Stockholm and Wilhelm von Thünen Institut in Hamburg have all meticulously examined the properties of Kebony Radiata under a magnifying glass. The Institute for Window Technology in Rosenheim then undertook a number of tests on the material, joints and complete windows before fully approving the wood for window use.”