Accoya cladding for luxury Melbourne apartment buildings

23 January 2017

Two luxury apartment buildings in Melbourne, Australia, were given some stylish finished touches using Accoya modified wood.

The material was supplied by local distributor Britton Timbers for both of the SJB Architect-designed structures.

The exclusive Cantala Apartments’ development is located in the city’s Cauldfield North area. Situated next to a swimming pool and landscaped gardens within the complex, Accoya was chosen to form the area’s cladding. Using a dark coating to reflect the black, white and wood colour scheme used throughout the rest of the building, Accoya was considered the obvious choice when the designers were looking for a wood which could maintain its sleek look for longer.

Nearby in the city’s North Melbourne area, the North Apartments on Blackwood Street feature Accoya-made louvres designed to reduce direct sunlight and provide shade for those inside.

Keen to use a wood which was both durable and environmentally friendly, the building’s designers selected Accoya. Offering reduced maintenance costs, a 50-year above ground guarantee and using wood grown from FSC certified forests, it fulfilled their requirements for an easy to manage and eco-friendly wood.

To complement the rest of the building the louvres were coated using WOCA external tinted primer, followed by a coating of WOCA external walnut oil.

Laura Keily, head of marketing for Accsys, the wood’s manufacturer, said: “Accoya’s popularity is growing throughout Australia and it’s exciting to see a host of projects featuring one of the world’s most durable, resilient and best performing woods being specified across the country.

“Both projects demonstrate Accoya’s versatility when coated, allowing specifiers an opportunity to use a wood which isn’t just durable and stable but also eco-friendly for their next project. Throughout the globe Accoya has been used not just for cladding or decking but also to create outdoor furniture, musical instruments, for projects in water and for structural use. We hope to see many more projects featuring Accoya in Australia in the coming years.”