Timber industry launches manifesto for growth and integration

28 October 2016

A manifesto setting out a strategy to build a stronger, more integrated timber industry was launched during Timber Expo in Birmingham.

The launch of the Industry Manifesto was organised by the Confederation of Timber Industry, held in collaboration with the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), the Structural Timber Association (STA) and the Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

Alongside the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), the three trade organisations will form the spine of a renewed CTI.

The Confederation will focus on four areas in the coming year, it said: value and growth; sustainability; skills and education; and construction and housing.

The target is to grow the UK timber Industry, promoting best practise and boosting a wide collaboration among the leading trade organisations and companies across the supply chain.

“The STA is delighted to be an integral part of the CTI as we move forward together towards a more integrated timber sector,” said Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association. “Our specifiers, procurers and clients are looking for a joined up design, manufacture and erect solution and it’s critical we are able to offer this.

“The CTI is continually striving to satisfy client needs, which is essential as we continue to increase structural timber’s market share. By encouraging a collaborative culture, the use of structural timber frame within the UK housing and construction industry will only continue to increase and aid in the meeting of Government targets.

“The STA supports the key tenants of the new CTI report that will enable the timber supply chain to come together as an industry to obtain further and greater growth.”

David Hopkins, managing director of the Timber Trade Federation, added: “The launch of the new Industry Manifesto is a great step forward for the timber supply chain. We need to start showing the value that our sector brings to the economy, the environment and to the UK skills base.

“The map we have launched shows the multiple routes to market for timber products as well as policy recommendations to help each one develop. Working with our supply chain partners under the banner of the CTI is the best way to truly achieve growing the use of wood.”

Iain McIlwee, chief executive of the British Woodworking Federation said: “There is huge opportunity to scale up what we are all doing so that the CTI is more than the sum of our parts. As Britain builds a new economy, there is huge opportunity for Timber to take a lead. This is a great time for the BWF to get involved in the CTI and we are relishing working with colleagues from all parts of our supply chain in raising our collective voice to this effect.”