Timber Trade Federation

Lost in translation

The tallest residential tower in Western Europe was revealed to contain illegally sourced hardwood earlier this year. But shouldn't the companies involved have known better? Ross MacMillan reports.

Seminar held to stop illegal timber

7 February 2007

The EU will see harmonised timber purchasing policies, after buyers and policy makers met earlier this month.

WWF illegal logging report "nonsense" says TTF

7 February 2007

A report on illegal logging published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has today been criticised by The UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

Distributor crowned first TTF member of 2007

7 February 2007

Softwood and engineered wood product distributor Crown Timber has become the first company to join the Timber Trade Federation following the launch of its membership drive on January 1st.

Lumbering through the raft of Timber Certification Schemes

For those looking to buy environmentally sound timber the merits of one certification scheme over another just generate a headache. And