Timber Trade Federation

Timber Trade Federation focuses on due diligence

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) is the leading trade association in the UK representing the interests of those involved in the timber industry. It is committed to growing the use of wood through innovative and high quality representation to politicians, industry and customers.

Timber federation twitters

20 May 2009

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has joined the illustrious company of Gordon Brown and Barack Obama on social networking site, Twitter.

Rowlinson Timber rejoins TTF

24 March 2009

Rowlinson Timber has announced that it is to rejoin the industry-leading trade association, Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

CPA chief to address federation dinner

27 February 2009

Michael Ankers , chief executive of the Construction Products Association, is to be guest speaker at The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) dinner on March 4.

Cutting corners

Despite another damning report, huge strides are being made to cut out illegal logging

Timber market soars says TTF

1 August 2008

The value of the timber and timber panel products industry grew by more than a quarter in 2007, according to the Timber Trade Federation’s (TTF) 2007 Annual Statistical Review.

TRADA settle on plywood date

23 July 2008

BM TRADA and the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) have firmed up details of their joint seminar to explain the requirements for structurally graded plywood and CE marking.

Seeing REDD over illegal timber

One of the biggest global get-togethers has outlined plans for a climbdown on deforestation. TiC slices through papers and procrastination to find out that money really does grow on trees.

IS IT right for rich countries to pay poor countries not to cut down their forests after the rich have chopped down all theirs? Environment ministers from 190 countries met in Bali, Indonesia last December, and agreed to pilot projects that will do just this.

Timber federation supports European Commission

23 January 2008

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has pledged its support for the European Commission's proposal to unlock market potential for innovative goods.

Juntas for goalposts

Who would have thought the standoff between Buddhist monks and the Burmese military would have affected UK flooring contractors? TiC looks at how opposition to an oppressive regime will affect timber specification.