Wood you bee-lieve it – Accoya used in construction of giant hive

6 November 2015

A gigantic beehive has been constructed in the Netherlands using Accoya wood.

Refurb makes the most of modified wood for a rugged Manchester finish

20 October 2015

A social housing complex in Manchester has been refurbished with hard-wearing Medite Tricoya Extreme and Accoya modified wood after the original specified timber materials had begun to show signs of failure after less than 10 years of use.

Jersey waterwheel maintains its authentic turn with the help of Accoya

15 October 2015

An 18th century water wheel on the island of Jersey will keep on turning for the next 50 years thanks to a 21st century wood technology.

Accoya beach house just shrugs off the North Sea weather

14 September 2015

A luxury beach house built on the Dutch coast has demonstrated the resilience of Accoya modified wood by withstanding five years of punishing North Sea weather without showing signs of age or disrepair.

Accoya keeps Copenhagen dancing five years on

7 September 2015

An outdoor dance floor in Copenhagen is still ‘strutting its stuff’ five years after its opening and this has been put down to the resilient performance of Accoya.

Accoya can help to save the forests, says maker Accsys as it signs up to WWF campaign

27 August 2015

A manufacturer of a modified wood substitute for tropical and other hardwoods has signed up to the WWF’s campaign against global forest destruction.

Architects on Swiss project bank on Accoya for aesthetic weathered look

21 August 2015

You might say the architects of a commercial building in Switzerland were banking on modified wood to achieve their physical and aesthetic intention for a new branch of Raiffeisenbank.

US accolade for Accoya manufacturer Accyss Technologies

21 July 2015

An Anglo-Dutch manufacturer has won a top industry accolade in the United States for a modified wood product’s contribution to innovation in timber engineering.

Oslo’s Passive House first is an education in Accoya

6 July 2015

A modified wood manufactured by Accyss Technologies has been used to clad Oslo’s first school built to the Passive House standard.

Accoya adds organic touch to bespoke Danish villa

22 June 2015

An eye-catching villa in Denmark built to appear as if it has grown from the ground has made use of the modified wood Accoya to add that extra organic touch to its appearance,

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