Belgium financial firm strikes a sustainable pose with Accoya ‘investment’

15 April 2016

One of Belgium’s top financial firms is ‘investing’ in Accoya – with the modified wood material used extensively in the renovation of its offices in Leuven.

Accoya proves a sustainable approach for Copenhagen’s seat of learning

7 April 2016

A university science campus built to offer a groundbreaking eco-friendly structure has put the modified wood Accoya to use in achieving its aims.

University construction centre head’s family home gets the Accoya touch

21 March 2016

The head of a university’s offsite construction centre knew just the material to use for the refurbishment and re-modernisation of the family home –the modified wood, Accoya.

Accoya makes the grade for Google as a healthy building product

8 March 2016

A modified wood has found itself highly rated by Google after securing certification in the highest standard for materials that are demonstrated to pose no risk to the environment or to human health.

Accoya gets into the swing out in the garden

3 February 2016

A modified wood material that has carved itself a reputation as a sustainable and enduring construction material is now moving into the garden – having been specified for a range of garden furniture.

Accoya production set to double over next five years

21 December 2015

Accsys Technologies is to double its manufacturing capacity over the next five years to meet growing global demand for its Accoya branded of modified wood.

Accoya facade for Copenhagen’s new Royal Arena

16 December 2015

Copenhagen’s new Royal Arena will make a statement on sustainability as much as it does on style with a timber facade made of modified wood.

Beach-side dining served up a treat with Accoya

27 November 2015

Accoya wood found itself on the menu of materials for the construction of a beach side restaurant in a Netherlands resort town.

Accoya takes a hike with Tokyo station refurb

17 November 2015

A train station serving one of Tokyo’s most popular hiking beauty spots has been given a sustainable makeover with Accoya.

Accoya adds crisp finish to Scottish life-sciences lab

13 November 2015

A modified wood manufactured by Accsys Technologies has been used in the construction of a £3 million life sciences building in a Scottish technology park.